1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2, Outboard Ensuite

Room Code CTCR-I
Net Room Area Briefed 6
Hours of Operation Available 24 Hours
Occupancy Up to 2 staff
Description / Special Requirements Room adjacent to CT Scanning Room/s with direct visibility to the patient's full body for remote control of equipment, and review and reporting of procedure images. The Control room may serve two procedure rooms. Acoustics: Acoustic privacy is required Additional Design Considerations: - Radiation shielding as advised by Radiation Consultant - Cable ducts from CT Scanning and Computer room may be required
Amendment 24.10.2010 First Draft 10.01.2017 Fabric, FF, FE & Services updated

Fabric and outline specifications

ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
1000 Floor finish Vinyl Standard slip resistant Seamless, coved
2000 Skirting Vinyl Prefinished Floor vinyl coved, 150mmH
3000 Wall finish Paint Acrylic, washable
5060 Ceiling Acoustic Prefinished Drop-in tiles, 600x1200 or set plasterboard ceiling if scanning room is provided within an operating environment
8000 Door protection Vinyl Prefinished Kickplate, 300mm high
9004 Doors Solid Core/ Glass Paint Single leaf, observation panel staff entry/ exit; 920mm clear opening
6025 Cornice Aluminium Powdercoat shadow line
7025 Observation Lead glass Clear Internal window to procedure room

Fittings and Furniture (FF)

ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
2100 Chair: ergonomic, office Furniture/ Fitting 3 2
5598 Shelving unit: adjustable, full height Furniture/ Fittings 1 1 manuals, educational material
9100 Hook: heavy duty Metalwork 1 2 for lead aprons
22615 Table: computer Furniture/ Fitting 3 1 may be a proprietary unit part of scanning control equipment or an installed workbench
24400 Whiteboard Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 900 x 900 optional

Fixtures, Equipment and associated Services (FE)

ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks
11400 Computer: PC & monitor 3 1 yes yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
54510 Telephone: handset, standard 3 1 ___ yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
62150 IMG: console, control 1 1 yes yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ CT Scanning control equipment with multiple monitors


ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
1006 Voice / Data outlet: double Communications 3 1 outlet for telephone
1040 Intercom Communications 1 with handsfree microphone to CT Scan room
5000 Airconditioning HVAC
6000 General fluorescent Lighting
9001 GPO: Double Power 5
9060 GPO: Special: for equipment Power 1 CT Scanning equipment
12030 Lead lining Shielding to wall shared with CT Procedure Room
6076 Special: 'X-ray In Use' lights Lighting 1 over door to procedure room