1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2, Outboard Ensuite

Room Code CORR-NC-I
Net Room Area Briefed 0
Hours of Operation 24 hours
Occupancy N/A
Description / Special Requirements Internal Corridor in Service areas and Back-of -House support units including Catering, Housekeeping, Supply, Maintenance and Waste Management. Corridor widths must be sized to allow for the safe movement and passing of trolleys and other mobile equipment. 2450mm clear width is recommended. Provision should also be made where oversized equipment is moved, eg. supplies on pallets or where automated guided vehicles (AGVs) are in operation. Area (m2) included in HPU circulation which may be esitmated as a percentage added to the Net Briefed Area or measured off a plan. 1 x GPO-Cleaner should be provided per 10 metres or as per local authority requirements. Corridor lighting, where patients are transported on trolleys, positioned to prevent unnecessary glare to patient eyes. Light fittings shall be recessed, flush fitting and sealed to prevent dust ingress.
Amendment 28.08.2017 - First Draft.

Fabric and outline specifications

ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
5060 Ceiling Acoustic Prefinished Drop-in tiles, 600x1200 mm plasterboard prefinished tiles also acceptable
2530 Door protection Composite Prefinished PVC Protection plate to 900mm AFFL, minimum
1000 Floor finish Vinyl Standard slip resistant Seamless, coved
2000 Skirting Vinyl Prefinished Floor vinyl coved, 150mmH
8040 Door protection Composite Prefinished PVC To door frame optional; to be decided at project level.
6025 Cornice Aluminium Powdercoat shadow line
9225 Doors Solid Core/ Glass Paint Double leaf, observation panel to Corridor zones; 1800mm clear opening; doors widths to ensure ease of movement of equipment; Hold open devices may be applied, magnetic hold open devices to fire doors must be connected to the fire alarm system
2537 Wall protection Crash rail at 900mm AFFL heavy duty impact resistant material
4031 Wall protection Composite Prefinished PVC Corner guards to 1500mm AFFL where required; align heights of corner guards with other corridor elements
3000 Wall finish Paint Acrylic, washable

Fittings and Furniture (FF)

ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
5830 Dispenser: antiseptic hand rub Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 Number to suit corridor layout and Infection Control policies.

Fixtures, Equipment and associated Services (FE)

ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks


ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
5000 Airconditioning HVAC
9015 GPO: Cleaner Power 1 1 every 10 metres recommended; number and location to comply with local authority requirements
10020 Card access Security 1 To unit entry doors where required
2189 General LED Lighting