1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2, Outboard Ensuite

Room Code HTLB-I
Net Room Area Briefed 3
Hours of Operation 8am to 6pm, daily
Occupancy 1
Description / Special Requirements The Hot Laboratory is an area for storage and preparation of radiopharmaceuticals for use in imaging procedures. The area will include a preparation bench, cupboards and sink with touch free taps. Space will be required for dose calibration, record keeping and quality assurance activities. If pre-prepared materials are used, storage and calculation areas may be considerably smaller than for on-site preparation. Radionuclide storage areas and waste storage within the space may require sheilding, including benches and cupboards. The Hot Laboratory will be located with ready access to Nuclear Imaging Rooms and dosing areas. Additional Design Considerations - Radiation shielding to be advised by Radiation Consultant - The floors and walls should be constructed of a material that is easily decontaminated, with no gaps or crevices - Vents and traps for radioactive gases should be provided if such are used
Amendment 24.10.10, - First Draft 02.05.11, - FE remarks updated

Fabric and outline specifications

ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
4030 Wall protection Composite Prefinished PVC Corner guards to 900 AFFL as required
1000 Floor finish Vinyl Standard slip resistant Seamless, coved
2000 Skirting Vinyl Prefinished Floor vinyl coved, 150mmH
3000 Wall finish Paint Acrylic, washable
5010 Ceiling Plasterboard Paint, washable Flush set, suspended
6025 Cornice Aluminium Powdercoat shadow line
3022 Wall finish Resinate, 6mm Prefinished Splashback above bench

Fittings and Furniture (FF)

ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
1030 Bench: resinate Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 with wet edge and inset sink
4391 Cupboard: special Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 under bench, with internal radiation shielding to top, front and sides, adjustable shelf, may have a hinged shielded cover to waste holes as required
4410 Cupboard: under bench Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 laminate, adjustable shelves
4460 Cupboard: wall mounted Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 over bench, adjustable shelves
6152 Dispenser: disposable glove Furniture/ Fitting 2 1
6154 Dispenser: paper/ hand towel Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 to sink
6156 Dispenser: soap Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 to sink
19700 Sharps bin Furniture/ Fitting 3 1 in radiation shielded cupboard
19990 Shelving unit: microwave Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 optional
24102 Waste bin: general Furniture/ Fitting 3 1 small, in radiation sheilded cupboard

Fixtures, Equipment and associated Services (FE)

ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks
35405 Oven: microwave, commercial 3 1 yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ optional
44000 Refrigerator: 120 Litre, domestic 3 1 yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ under bench
47800 Sink, SS: single in bench 1 1 ___ ___ yes opt opt yes yes ___ provide hot water; sensor taps; confirm sink dimensions


ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
1006 Voice / Data outlet: double Communications 1
5000 Airconditioning HVAC
2189 General LED Lighting
6055 Special: task light, built in Lighting under O/H cupboards
2582 PO: Single Power 2 fridge, microwave
2577 PO: Double Power 2