1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2, Outboard Ensuite

Room Code LDA-MH-20-I
Net Room Area Briefed 20
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Occupancy Up to 8 patients; 1-2 staff
Description / Special Requirements The Lounge/ Dining - Activities Room is an area provided for patients within the Mental Health Unit to eat their meals, away from the bedroom environment. The Dining area may be used for other patient activities when not in use for meals. Access and dining space should be provided for disabled patients. A Servery with resitricted access will be located adjacent to the Dining area and will include a servery counter. Access to an external courtyard area is desirable. Finishes, fittings & fixtures and furniture should be suitable for mental health patients. All glazing (including external windows) is to comply with Mental Health Guidelines. Acoustics: Sound attenuation medium; acoustic privacy required Body Protected electrical area
Amendment 24.10.2010 First Draft 03.09.2023 RDS reviewed

Fabric and outline specifications

ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
7001 Windows desirable
1000 Floor finish Vinyl Standard slip resistant Seamless, coved
2000 Skirting Vinyl Prefinished Floor vinyl coved, 150mmH
9010 Doors Alum/ Toughened glass Powdercoat/ paint Single leaf, fully glazed 1100mm clear opening, to Courtyard, lockable
9007 Doors Solid Core/ Safety glass Paint Single leaf, half glazed 1100mm clear opening, to Lounge/ Dining, lockable
2767 Cornice Plasterboard Paint Square set
1253 Observation Alum/ Toughened glass Powdercoat Internal window, double glazed
3000 Wall finish Paint Acrylic, washable
5010 Ceiling Plasterboard Paint, washable Flush set, suspended

Fittings and Furniture (FF)

ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
350 Artwork Furniture/ Fitting 3 2 optional
1252 Blind: Venetian integral Furniture/ Fitting 1 2 to internal & external windows
1700 Chair: dining Furniture/ Fitting 3 7 with space for wheelchair, may be stackable
2000 Chair: lounge Furniture/ Fitting 3 1
12750 Lounge: 2 seat Furniture/ Fitting 3 1
23000 Table: dining Furniture/ Fitting 3 2 dining/ activities

Fixtures, Equipment and associated Services (FE)

ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks
10132 Clock: master clock 3 1 yes opt ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___
54510 Telephone: handset, standard 3 1 ___ yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ wall telephone


ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
5000 Airconditioning HVAC
8080 Emergency call Nurse Call 1 or Duress call
2577 PO: Double Power 2
2576 PO: Cleaner Power 1
9040 Body protected Power
1080 Clock: master clock Communications 1 battery/ POE/ electrical connection TBC
2738 General LED: vandal proof Lighting variable lighting level
1005 Voice / Data outlet: single Communications 1 Telephone