Functional Planning Units

Functional Planning Units are a key feature of health facility guidelines and provide detailed information regarding common clinical departments or services in hospitals and other healthcare settings. Examples include a range of inpatient units, a medical imaging department and community health centre.

Each Health Planning Unit contains information relating to a service description, related policies and guidelines, operational planning and design considerations. Each Health Planning Unit also includes a detailed schedule of accommodation and functional relationship diagram. In selected Functional Planning Units, the schedules of accommodation may describe a range of service levels or scenarios so that information can be used to brief services ranging from small district hospitals through to complex tertiary hospital services.
FPU Size
Functional Planning Units 81.9kb View
Administration Unit 605.9kb View
Admissions Unit & Discharge 704.3kb View
Birthing Unit 623.4kb View
Cardiac Investigation Unit 687.2kb View
Catering Unit 880.0kb View
Clinical Information Unit 578.9kb View
Community Health Unit 768.3kb View
Complementary and Alternative Medicine Centre 947.9kb View
Coronary Care Unit 1.0mb View
Day Surgery/ Procedure Unit 1.0mb View
Dental Surgery Unit 929.7kb View
Emergency Unit 2.2mb View
Endoscopy Unit 1.5mb View
Engineering & Maintenance Unit 717.4kb View
Housekeeping Unit 776.2kb View
Inpatient Unit - Bariatric 1.3mb View
Inpatient Unit - General 925.5kb View
Intensive Care Unit - General 854.7kb View
IVF Unit (Fertilisation Centres) 1.1mb View
Laboratory Unit 601.3kb View
Linen Handling Unit 545.7kb View
Main Entrance Unit 549.5kb View
Maternity Unit 899.0kb View
Medical Imaging Unit - General 2.1mb View
Medical Imaging - Nuclear Medicine Unit 975.5kb View
Medical Imaging - Nuclear Medicine Unit - PET 739.0kb View
Mental Health Unit - Adult 1.5mb View
Mental Health Unit - Child & Adolescent 581.9kb View
Mental Health Unit - Older Persons 540.5kb View
Mobile Healthcare Unit 381.6kb View
Mortuary - General 547.0kb View
Oncology Unit - Medical (Chemotherapy) 880.3kb View
Oncology Unit - Radiation 690.0kb View
Operating Unit 2.7mb View
Outpatients Unit 1.9mb View
Pharmacy Unit 628.5kb View
Public & Staff Amenities Unit 614.4kb View
Rehabilitation - Allied Health Unit 523.4kb View
Renal Dialysis Unit 567.1kb View
Sterile Supply Unit (SSU) 984.5kb View
Supply Unit 511.5kb View
Waste Management Unit 526.3kb View
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