Standard Components

Standard Components are a core aspect of iHFG – International Health Facility Guidelines. These components provide detailed information on the most common rooms and spaces which are found in health facilities. Each component is comprised of a Room Data Sheet (RDS) and Room Layout Sheet (RLS).

Room Data Sheets (RDS’s) represent the detailed briefing requirements of individual room types. Some RDS’s provide options for certain elements such as materials. If an external document refers to these RDS’s, without qualifying the choice of options, then the default options will prevail. In case of any discrepancy between various documents, the RDS’s will take precedence.

Room layout sheets (RLS) present with the physical arrangement of these items in the standard room and often are accompanied by Autodesk Revit or AutoCAD documents to assist the design process.

To gain an insight into how a set of Standard Components can be best used to design a health facility please refer to Part B: Health Facility Briefing and Design.

Name Code
1 Bed Room - Bariatric, 20m2 1BR-BA-20-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 15m2 1BR-ST-15-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 16.5m2 1BR-ST-16.5-I
1 Bed Room - Standard, 18m2 1BR-ST-18-I
1 Bed Room - Large, 30m2 1BR-LG-30-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Positive Pressure, 18m2 1BR-IS-P-18-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Positive Pressure, 28m2 1BR-IS-P-28-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Negative Pressure, 18m2 1BR-IS-N-18-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Negative Pressure, 28m2 1BR-IS-N-28-I
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 18m2 1BR-MH-18-I
1 Bed Room - Mental Health, 28m2 1BR-MH-28-I
1 Bed Room - Special, 18m2 1BR-SP-18-I
1 Bed Room - Special, 30m2 1BR-SP-A-30-I
1 Bed Room - Special, CCU, 20m2 1BR-CCU-20-I
1 Bed Room - Special, CCU, 25m2 1BR-CCU-25-I
1 Bed Room - Special, CCU, 30m2 1BR-CCU-30-I
1 Bed Room - High Dependency, 20m2 1BR-HDU-20-I
1 Bed Room - Intensive Care, 25m2 1BR-ICU-25-I
1 Bed Room - Super VIP, 53m2 1BR-SVIP-53-I
1 Bed Room - VIP, 36m2 1BR-VIP-36-I
2 Bed Room - Standard, 25m2 2BR-ST-25-I
2 Bed Room - Standard, 30m2 2BR-ST-30-I
2 Bed Room - Mental Health, 30m2 2BR-MH-30-I
4 Bed Room - Standard, 42m2 4BR-ST-42-I
4 Bed Room - Standard, 49m2 4BR-ST-49-I
6 Bed Room - Standard, 44m2 6BR-ST-44-I
6 Bed Room - Standard, 75m2 6BR-ST-75-I
4 Bed Room - Standard, 60m2 4BR-ST-60-I
Ablution Room (Prayer Room) ABLU-I
ADL Bathroom ADLB-I
ADL Dining Room ADLD-I
ADL Kitchen - Enclosed ADLK-ENC-I
ADL Laundry, 8m2 ADLL-8-I
ADL Kitchen - Open Bay ADLK-OP-I
After Hours Drug Store, 4m2 AHDR-4-I
After Hours Blood Fridge AHBBF-I
Airlock, 6m2 AIRL-6-I
Airlock - Entry, 6m2 AIRLE-6-I
Airlock - Entry, 10m2 AIRLE-10-I
Airlock - Entry, 12m2 AIRLE-12-I
Ambulance Triage AMBTR-I
Anaesthetic Induction Room ANIN-I
Anaesthetic Store ANST-I
Anaesthetic Workroom ANWM-I
Angiography Procedure Room ANPR-I
Angiography Control/ Reporting Room ANCRT-I
Anteroom ANRM-I
Angiography Sterile Store/ Set-up ANSS-I
Assembly/ Collation/ Coding, 35m2 ASSCO-I
1 Bed Room - Isolation - Negative Pressure, 18m2 1BR-IS-N-18-I
Dental Imaging Room DENI-16-I
Laser Imager LASI-I
Dining Room (Mental Health) DINMH-I
Goods Receipt - Pharmacy, 20m2 GRE-20-I
Computer Equipment Room,12m2 COEQ-12-I
Command Center COMC-30-I
Communications Room - Server COMM-S-I
Viewing and Reporting, 16m2 VR-16-I
1 Bed Room - Bariatric, 30m2 1BR-BA-30-I
Holding Room (Bodies) BODY-H-I
Clean Utility, 10m2 CLUR-10-I
Interview - Cubicle INTC-I
Interview Room - Small INTS-I
Mortuary - Autopsy Room MOR-AU-I
Patient Bay - High Dependency, 16m2 PB-HDU-16-I
Patient Bay - High Dependency, 24m2 PB-HDU-24-I
Patient Bay - Enclosed, Isolation - Negative Pressure PBHE-IS-N-I
Patient Bay - Enclosed, Isolation - Positive Pressure PBHE-IS-P-I
Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 2, 12m2 PBTR-RS2-12-I
Triage - Nurse RECE-I
Reception/ Clerical, 5m2 RECL-5-I
Respiratory/ Biomedical Workroom REWM-I
Radiotherapy Simulator Room - CT RSIM-CT-I
Radiotherapy Simulator Room - MRI RSIM-MRI-I
Scrub Up, 4m2 SCRB-4-I
Scrub Up, 8m2 SCRB-8-I
Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 20m2 ASPR-20-I
Assembly/ Preparation (Pharmacy), 30m2 ASPR-30-I
Audiology Testing Room AUDIO-I
Audio-visual Room AUDV-I
Bathroom BATH-I
Bay - ATM, 2m2 BATM-2-I
Bay - ATM, 6m2 BATM-6-I
Bay - Beverage, Open Plan BBEV-OP-I
Vital Signs Room VSR-I
Bay - Beverage, Enclosed BBEV-ENC-I
Bay - Blanket/ Fluid Warmer, 1m2 BBW-1-I
Bay - Cleaning, 1.5m2 BCL-1.5-I
Bathing/ Examination BAEX-I
Bay - Cleaning, 18m2 (Patient Transport) BCL-18-I
Bay - Drinks Dispenser, 1m2 BDD-1-I
Bay - Drinking Fountain,1m2 BDF-1-I
Bay - Emergency Shower & Eyewash, 1m2 BESE-1-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 10m2 BEQP-10-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 12m2 BEQP-12-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 15m2 BEQP-15-I
Bay - Equipment Park, 20m2 BEQP-20-I
Bay - Flowers, Open Plan BFLW-OP-I
Bay - Flowers, Enclosed BFLW-ENC-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type A BHWS-A-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type B BHWS-B-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type C BHWS-C-I
Bay - Handwashing, Type D BHWS-D-I
Bay - Handwashing, PPE BHWS-PPE-I
Bay - Height/ Weight, 2m2 BHW-2-I
Bay - Linen BLIN-I
Bay - Meal Trolley, 4m2 BMT-4-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment (Enclosed), 4m2 BMEQE-4-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 2.5m2 BMEQ-2.5-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 4m2 BMEQ-4-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 6m2 BMEQ-6-I
Bay - Mobile Equipment, 10m2 BMEQ-10-I
Bay - Pathology, 1m2 BPATH-1-I
Bay - Pathology, 3m2 BPATH-3-I
Bay - PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) BPPE-I
Bay - PTS (Pneumatic Tube System) BPTS-I
Bay - Public Telephone, 2m2 BT-2-I
Bay - Resuscitation Trolley BRES-I
Bay - Storage, 1m2 BS-1-I
Bay - Storage (Enclosed), 1m2 BSE-1-I
Bay - Storage, 3m2 BS-3-I
Bay - Storage, 4m2 BS-4-I
Bay - Storage, 2m2 BS-2-I
Bay - Utility, 1m2 BUT-1-I
Bay - Utility, 1.5m2 BUT-1.5-I
Bay - Utility, 2m2 BUT-2-I
Bay - Vending Machines, 3m2 BVM-3-I
Bay - Vending Machines, 5m2 BVM-5-I
Bay - Wheelchair Park, 4m2 BWC-I
Bay - Wheelchair Park, 8m2 BWC-8-I
Birthing Room - LDR BIRM-I
Blood Collection Bay, 5m2 BLDC-5-I
Blood Checking/ Labelling/ Work Area BLDWK-I
Blood Collection Work Area BLDCW-I
Blood Store BLST-I
Cashier, 5m2 CASH-5-I
Calibration / Testing Shop CAL-TEST-30-I
Cashier CASH-9-I
Catheter Laboratory Procedure Room CLAB-I
Catheter Lab Control/ Reporting Room CLCRT-I
Change Cubicle - Patient CHPT-2-I
Change Cubicle - Accessible CHPT-D-I
Change - Patient (Male/ Female), 12m2 CHPT-12-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 10m2 CHST-10-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 12m2 CHST-12-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 14m2 CHST-14-I
Change - Staff (Male/ Female), 20m2 CHST-20-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 25m2 CHST-25-I
Change - Staff (Male/Female), 35m2 CHST-35-I
Change - Staff, Female, 40m2 CHST-F-G-I
Change - Staff, Male, 40m2 CHST-M-G-I
Cleaner's Room, 6m2 CLRM-6-I
Cleaner's Room, 10m2 CLRM-10-I
Clean-up Room, 7m2 CLUP-7-I
Clean-up Room, 10m2 CLUP-10-I
Clean-Up Room, 12m2 CLUP-12-I
Clean-Up Room - Shared, 15m2 CLUP-15-I
Clean-up Room (Pathology) CLUP-P-I
Clean Utility, 12m2 CLUR-12-I
Clean Utility/ Medication,12m2 CLUM-12-I
Clean Utility/ Medication, 14m2 CLUM-14-I
Clean Utility/ Medication - Sub, 8m2 CLUM-8-I
Clean Utility - Sub, 8m2 CLUR-8-I
Clerical Support/ Medical Records CLREC-I
Coffee Shop - Seating/ Dining, 30m2 COFS-D-30-I
Coffee Shop - Preparation COFS-P-I
Coffee Shop - Servery COFS-SERV-I
Coffee Shop - Store, 8m2 COFS-S-8-I
Coffee Shop - Wash-up COFS-W-I
Communications Room,12m2 COMM-12-I
Communications Room, 20m2 COMM-20-I
Communications Room - ICT COMM-ICT-I
Computer Room, 20m2 COMM-20-I
Computer Training Room COTR-I
Consult/ Exam Room CONS-I
Consult/ Exam Room, 16m2 CONS-16-I
Consult/ Exam Room, 18m2 CONS-18-I
Consult/ Exam Room - ENT CONS-ENT-I
Consult/ Exam Room - Ophthalmology CONS-OPT-I
Consult Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology CONS-ENT-OPT-I
Consult Room - Mental Health CONS-MH-I
Cool Room CORM-I
Computer Equipment Room, 8m2 COEQ-8-I
Corridor- Clinical Areas CORR-CL-I
Corridor- Non Clinical Areas CORR-NC-I
Corridor- Patient Areas CORR-PA-I
Courtyard - Secure CTSE-I
Corridor- Procedural Areas CORR-PR-I
Corridor- Service Areas CORR-SV-I
CT Scanning - Control Room CTCR-I
CT Scanning - Procedure Room CTPR-I
Cytotoxic Room CYT-I
Dark Room DARK-I
Daylight Processing DPRO-I
Demonstration Room DEM-I
Dental Clean-up DENCU-8-I
Dental Imaging Room DENI-I
Dental Clean-Up/ Sterilising, 8m2 DENCU-8-I
Dental Clean-Up/ Sterilising, 10m2 DENCU-10-I
Dental Workroom, 8m2 DENW-8-I
Dental Workroom, 12m2 DENW-12-I
Dental Laboratory, 20m2 DENL-20-I
Dental Surgery, 14m2 DENSR-14-I
Dental Surgery, 16m2 DENSR-16-I
Dental X-Ray Processing DENXR-I
Dining Room (Mental Health), 30m2 DINMH-30-I
Dining Room/ Beverage Bay (Mental Health), 25m2 DINBEV-25-I
Dining Room/ Beverage Bay (Mental Health), 38m2 DINBEV-38-I
Dining Room (Rehabilitation) DINR-I
Dirty Utility, 10m2 DTUR-10-I
Dirty Utility, 12m2 DTUR-12-I
Dirty Utility, 14m2 DTUR-14-I
Dirty Utility - Sub DTUR-S-I
Disposal Room, 5m2 DISP-5-I
Disposal Room, 8m2 DISP-8-I
Disposal Room, 10m2 DISP-10-I
Drug Information DRI-I
Echocardiography ECHO-I
Endoscopy Procedure Room ENDP-I
Electronics Laboratory ELAB-I
Ensuite - Accessible ENS-ACC-I
Ensuite - Bariatric ENS-BA-I
Ensuite - Birthing Room, with Bath ENS-BR-A-I
Ensuite - Birthing Room, with Shower ENS-BR-B-I
Ensuite - Birthing Room ENS-BR-I-A
Ensuite - Birthing Room, Alternative ENS-BR-I-B
Ensuite - Standard ENS-ST-I
Ensuite - Super ENS-SP-I
Ensuite - Standard - Additional Access ENS-ST-A-I
Ensuite - Mental Health ENS-MH-I
Ensuite - Super VIP ENS-SVIP-I
Ensuite - VIP ENS-VIP-I
Ensuite - Visitor ENS-VIS-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 6m2 ECL-6-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 8m2 ECL-8-I
Equipment Clean-up, 10m2 ECL-10-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 12m2 ECL-12-I
Equipment Clean-Up, 14m2 ECL-14-I
Equipment Clean-Up, Loan Equipment, 10m2 ECL-LE-10-I
Equipment Clean-Up, Loan Equipment, 12m2 ECL-LE-12-I
Equipment Clean-up, Sub Pathology ECL-SP-I
Examination/ Assessment Room - Birthing EXAS-B-I
Examination/ Assessment Room - Mental Health EXAS-MH-I
Family/ Carer Room - Super VIP F-CR-SVIP-I
Feeding Room FEED-I
Film Processing, Viewing and Reporting FPVR-I
Flash Steriliser, 2m2 FST-2-I
Formula Room FORM-I
Fracture Clinic (Hand & Prosthetics) FRACL-I
Freezer Room FRRM-I
Gamma Camera GCAM-I
General X-Ray GENXR-I
Goods Receipt - Pharmacy, 6m2 GRE-6-I
Gown-up GW-UP-I
Gown-down GW-DN-I
Gymnasium, 60m2 GYAH-60-I
Goods Receipt - Pharmacy-5m2 GRE-I
Goods Receipt - Pharmacy-20m2 GRE-I
Gymnasium, 45m2 GYAH-45-I
Gymnasium, Paediatric Therapy GYAH-P-I
Hydrotherapy Pool, 75m2 HYDP-75-I
Hydrotherapy Pool, 90m2 HYDP-90-I
Hot Laboratory HTLB-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Locker Bay HYDLK-I
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room - 1 Chamber HBOT-1-I
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room - 2 Chambers HBOT-2-I
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Room - 4 Chambers HBOT-4-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Open Shower Area HYDSH-I
Hydrotherapy Pool Store HYDST-I
Interview Room - Family/ Large INTF-I
IVF / ICSI Laboratory IVF-ICSI-I
Laser Camera LASC-I
Laundry - Hospital LAUN-HO-I
Laundry - Mental Health LAUN-MH-I
Laundry - Patient LAUN-PT-I
Lecture Room, 75m2 LEC-75-I
Lecture Room, 100m2 LEC-100-I
Library & Study/ Reading Area, 40m2 LSRA-40-I
Library & Study/ Reading Area, 50m2 LSRA-50-I
Linen Holding - Clean LHO-CL-I
Linen Holding - Soiled LHO-SO-I
Loading Dock LODK-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 20m2 LNAC-20-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 30m2 LNAC-30-I
Lounge - Activities (Mental Health), 55m2 LNAC-55-I
Lounge - Adolescent, 10m2 LNAD-10-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 20m2 LNMO-20-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 25m2 LNMO-25-I
Lounge - Medical Officers, 35m2 LNMO-35-I
Lounge/ Dining - Super VIP LD-SVIP-I
Lounge/ Dining - Activites (Mental Health), 20m2 LDA-MH-20-I
Lounge - Parent, 12m2 LNPA-12-I
Lounge - Patient, 20m2 LNPT-20-I
Lounge - Patient, 10m2 LNPT-10-I
Lounge - Patient, 15m2 LNPT-15-I
Lounge - Patient, 30m2 LNPT-30-I
Lounge - Patient, Chemotherapy LNPT-CM-I
Lounge - Patient, Special LNPT-S-I
Lounge - Recovery, Stage 2 (Typical Bay) LNPT-RS2-I
Mammography MAMMO-I
Majlis MAJ-30-I
Mammography - Interventional MAM-INT-I
Medication/ Treatment Room - Mental Health MED-MH-I
Medication Room, 10m2 MEDR-10-I
Meeting Room - Antenatal MEET-AN-I
Meeting Room - Diversional Therapy MEET-DT-I
Meeting Room - Living Skills, 20m2 MEET-LS-20-I
Meeting Room - Living Skills, 30m2 MEET-LS-30-I
Meeting Room - Small, 9m2 MEET-9-I
Meeting Room - Small, 12m2 MEET-12-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 15m2 MEET-L-15-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 18m2 MEET-L-18-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 20m2 MEET-L-20-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 25m2 MEET-L-25-I
Meeting Room - Medium/ Large, 30m2 MEET-L-30-I
Meeting Room - Medium/Large, 35m2 MEET-L-35-I
Meeting Room - Large, 55m2 MEET-L-55-I
Mortuary - Clean-up Area MOR-CU-I
Mortuary - Cool Store MOR-CS-I
Mortuary - Exit Lobby MOR-EX-I
Mortuary - Viewing Room MOR-VR-I
Neonatal Bay - General Care NBGC-I
Mortuary - Body Washing & Embalming Room MOR-BW-I
Mortuary - Waiting MOR-W-I
Mould Room - Fitting MLD-FT-I
Mould Room - Workshop MLD-WS-I
Multi-Function Activites Room (Mental Health), 20m2 MAC-20-I
MRI Scanning Room, 42m2 MRI-42-I
MRI Scanning Room, 47m2 MRI-47-I
MRI Scanning - Control Room MRICR-I
Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care, Enclosed NBICU-E-I
Neonatal Bay - Isolation Room - Negaitive Pressure NB-IS-N-I
Neonatal Bay - Isolation Room - Positive Pressure NB-IS-P-I
Neonatal Bay - Intensive Care NBICU-I
Neonatal Bay - Special Care NBSC-I
Observation Room OBS-I
Office - 2 Person Shared OFF-2P-I
Office - 3 Person Shared OFF-3P-I
Office - 4 Person Shared OFF-4P-I
Office - CEO OFF-CEO-I
Office - Clinical/ Handover OFF-CLN-I
Office - Clinical Workroom OFF-CLW-I
Office - Executive OFF-EXEC-I
Office - Single Person, 12m2 OFF-S12-I
Office - Single Person, 9m2 OFF-S9-I
Office - Workstation OFF-WS-I
Office - Workstation - Shared, 3m2 OFF-WS3-I
Office - Write-up, 1m2 OFF-WI-1-I
Viewing and Reporting, 12m2 VR-12-I
Office - Clinical Write-up Bay, 5 m2 OFF-CWI-5-I
Office - Write-up, 6m2 OFF-WI-6-I
Office - Write-up, 3m2 OFF-WI-3-I
Office - Write-up (Shared), 12m2 OFF-WIS-I
Overnight Stay - Bedroom, 10m2 OVBR-10-I
Overnight Stay - Ensuite, 4m2 OVES-4-I
PACS Storage and Viewing PACS-I
Pantry PTRY-I
Pantry - Super VIP PTRY-SVIP-I
Parenting Room, 6m2 PAR-I
Pathology Laboratory Module PTHLB-MOD-I
Patient Bay - Acute Treatment, 12m2 PBTR-A12-I
Patient Bay - HDU - 20m2 PB-HDU-20-I
Patient Bay - Holding, 10m2 PBTR-H-10-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Courtyard PHCO-CTYD-I
Patient Bay - Holding, Enclosed, 12m2 PBHE-12-I
Patient Bay - Non Acute Treatment, 10m2 PBTR-NA-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Dosing PHCO-DOS-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Toilet (Patient) PHCO-WCP-I
Set-up Room, 12m2 SETUP-12-I
Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 1, 9m2 PBTR-RS1-9-I
PET/ CT - Control Room PETCR-I
Patient Bay - Resuscitation PBTR-R-I
Patient Bay - Recovery Stage 1, 12m2 PBTR-RS1-12-I
PET/ CT Scanning Room PET-CT-I
Patient Chair Bay, 6m2 PBC-6-I
Pharmacy Counter PHA-CO-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Dispensing PHCO-DISP-I
Pharmacotherapy Unit - Waiting PHCO-WAIT-I
Physics Laboratory PHLAB-I
Plaster Room, 14m2 PLST-14-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 10m2 PLAP-10-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 15m2 PLAP-15-I
Play Area - Paediatric, 20m2 PLAP-20-I
Podiatry Treatment, 12m2 PODT-12-I
Podiatry Treatment, 15m2 PODT-15-I
Prayer Room PRAR-20-I
Preparation Room - Non Sterile (Pharmacy) PREP-I
Preparation/ Set-up Room (Imaging) PREP-S-I
Procedure Room, 20m2 PROC-20-I
Procedure Room, 25m2 PROC-25-I
Property Bay, 2m2 PROP-2-I
Property Bay, 3m2 PROP-3-I
Property Bay, 6m2 PROP-6-I
Radiotherapy Bunker RAD-BUNK-I
Radiotherapy Bunker Control Room RAD-BCTR-I
Radiotherapy Simulator Room RAD-SIM-I
Radiotherapy Treatment Planning RAD-TRP-I
Reception/ Clerical, 9m2 RECL-9-I
Reception/ Clerical, 10m2 RECL-10-I
Reception/ Clerical, 12m2 RECL-12-I
Reception/ Clerical, 15m2 RECL-15-I
Reception/ Clerical, 20m2 RECL-20-I
Fluoroscopy Room FLUO-I
Reception (Emergency), 20m2 REC-E-I
Respiratory Workroom REWM-I
Screening Room (Fluoroscopy) SCRN-I
Scrub Up/ Gowning, 6m2 SCRB-6-I
Scrub Up - Shared SCRBS-I
Scrub Up / Gowning, 8m2 SCRB-8-I
Set-up Room, 16m2 SETUP-16-I
Seclusion Room SECL-I
Security Room, 14m2 SECR-14-I
Servery/ Trolley Holding (Mental Health) SERV-MH-I
Security Room, 10m2 SECR-10-I
Set-up Room, 8m2 SETUP-8-I
Shower - Decontamination SHDEC-I
Shower - Accessible, 4m2 SHD-I
Shower - Patient SHPT-I
Store - Mould Room ST-MOULD-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 40m2 STSS-40-I
Shower - Staff, 3m2 SHST-3-I
Specimen Collection Bay, 9m2 SPECC-I
Specimen Reception/ Sort/ Preparation SPREC-I
Staff Room, 15m2 SRM-15-I
Staff Room, 18m2 SRM-18-I
Staff Room, 20m2 SRM-20-I
Staff Room, 25m2 SRM-25-I
Staff Room, 30m2 SRM-30-I
Staff Room, 35m2 SRM-35-I
Staff Station, 5m2 SSTN-5-I
Staff Station, 10m2 SSTN-10-I
Staff Station, 12m2 SSTN-12-I
Staff Station, 14m2 SSTN-14-I
Staff Station, 18m2 SSTN-18-I
Staff Station/ Clean Utility SSCU-I
Staff Station, 20m2 SSTN-20-I
Store - Drugs, 10m2 STDR-10-I
SPECT/ CT Scanning Room SPECT-CT-I
SPECT/ CT - Control Room SPECTCR-I
Store - Accountable Drugs STAD-I
Store - Bulk, 20m2 STBK-20-I
Hot Laboratory - PET HTLB-PET-I
Store - Bulk, 40m2 STBK-40-I
Store - Cleaners STCL-I
Store - Chemical STCM-I
Store - Crutches STCR-I
Store - Disaster Equipment STDE-I
Store - Drugs STDR-5-I
Store - Equipment, 6m2 STEQ-6-I
Store - Equipment, 10m2 STEQ-10-I
Store - Equipment, 14m2 STEQ-14-I
Dental Sterilising/ Sterile Store DENS-SS-I
Store - Equipment, 15m2 STEQ-15-I
Feeding Room - 2 Persons FEED-2P-I
Fluoroscopy Control Room FLUOC-I
Frozen Section FROZ-RM-I
Store - Equipment, 16m2 STEQ-16-I
Store - Equipment, 20m2 STEQ-20-I
Store - Equipment, 25m2 STEQ-25-I
Store - Equipment, 30m2 STEQ-30-I
Store - Equipment, 40m2 STEQ-40-I
Store - Equipment - Super VIP STEQ-SVIP-I
Store - Files, 8m2 STFS-8-I
Store - Files, 10m2 STFS-10-I
Store - Files, 20m2 STFS-20-I
Store - Flammable Liquid STFL-I
Store - Gas Bottle, Empty STGB-E-I
Triage Cubicle CUB-TRI-I
Store - Gas Bottle, Full STGB-F-I
Store - General, 4m2 STGN-4-I
Store - General, 5m2 STGN-5-I
Store - General, 6m2 STGN-6-I
Store - General, 8m2 STGN-8-I
Store - General, 9m2 STGN-9-I
Store - General, 10m2 STGN-10-I
Store - General, 12m2 STGN-12-I
Store - General, 14m2 STGN-14-I
Store - General, 16m2 STGN-16-I
Store - General, 20m2 STGN-20-I
Store - General, 30m2 STGN-30-I
Store - Loan Equipment, 60m2 STLE-60-I
Store - Patient Property STPP-I
Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 8m2 STPS-8-I
Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m2 STPS-10-I
Store - Photocopy/ Stationery, 10m2 STPS-10
Toilet - Public, 4m2 WCPU-4-I
Store - Records (Active), 80m2 STRS-80-I
Store - Records (Inactive), 60m2 STRS-60-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 12m2 STSS-12-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 20m2 (CSSU) STSS-20-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 24m2 STSS-24-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 30m2 STSS-30-I
Store - Sterile Stock, 44m2 STSS-44-I
Telephone Operator SWOP-I
Stress Testing STRT-I
Toilet - Accessible WCAC-I
Toilet - Patient WCPT-I
Toilet - Public, 3m2 WCPU-3-I
Toilet - Staff WCST-I
Treatment Bay - Chemotherapy TRMT-CHE-I
Treatment Room TRMT-14-I
Treatment Room - Isolation - Renal Dialysis TRMT-IS-RD-I
Treatment Bay - Renal Dialysis TRMT-RD-I
Treatment Room - Secure Assessment TRSA-I
Ultrasound ULTR-I
Treatment Room - Paediatrics TRMT-P-I
Volunteers Workroom, 20m2 VWR-20-I
Waiting, 10m2 WAIT-10-I
Waiting, 15m2 WAIT-15-I
Waiting, 20m2 WAIT-20-I
Waiting, 25m2 WAIT-25-I
Waiting, 30m2 WAIT-30-I
Waiting, 50m2 WAIT-50-I
Waiting - Secure WAIT-SEC-I
Waiting - Sub WAIT-SUB-I
Wash-up Room WASH-I
Water Treatment Plant Room WTPL-I
Waste Compactor/ Recyclables WACO-I
Welding Booth WLB-I
Workshop - Biomedical WS-BM-I
Workshop - Carpentry WK-CA-I
Workshop - Electrical WK-EL-I
Workshop - Fitters/ Plumbers WK-FP-I
Workshop - General Maintenance WK-GM-I
Workshop - Mechanical WK-MC-I
Workshop - Mobility Aids WK-PDP-I
Workshop - Plumbing WK-PL-I
Workshop - Prosthetics WK-PRO-I
Workshop/ Store - Gardener WSS-GAR-I
Operating Room - CT Control OR-CTCR-I
Operating Room - Cardiac OR-CA-I
Operating Room - General OR-GN-I
Operating Room - Hybrid - CT Scanning OR-HY-CT-I
Operating Room - Hybrid - MRI Scanning OR-HY-MRI-I
Operating Room - Hybrid - Vascular/ Cardiac OR-HY-VS-I
Operating Room - Large OR-LA-I
Operating Room - Minor OR-MS-I
Operating Room - Robotic OR-ROB-I
Operating Room - ENT/ Ophthalmology OR-ENT-OPH-I
Operating Room - Orthopaedic OR-ORTH-I
Operating Room - Transplant OR-TR-I
Operating Room - Neurosurgery OR-NEURO-I
Workshop/ Store - Painters WSS-PT-I
Patient Bay - Intensive Care, 16m2 PBC-16-I
Patient Bay - Intensive Care, 20m2 PBC-20-I
Patient Bay - Intensive Care, 24m2 PBC-24-I
Communications Room - Server COMM-S-I
Viewing and Reporting Bay VRB-6-I
Bone Densitometry BODEN-I
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