Dental Clean-Up/ Sterilising, 10m2

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Room Code DENCU-10-I
Net Room Area Briefed 10
Hours of Operation 8am to 6 pm daily
Occupancy 1 - 2
Description / Special Requirements The Dental Instrument Processing/ Sterilising area will provide for washing, decontaminating and sterilising dental instruments and equipment as required. Design must ensure a 'dirty' to 'clean' work flow from washing, decontaminating to sterilising and then to storage. Cleaned/sterilised instruments may be stored in covered containers away from splashes and contamination or in an adjacent clean supply store room. Room size may increase according to extent of processing, equipment and storage requirements. Additional Design Requirements: - Sterilisers may require de-ionised water supply
Amendment 24.10.2010 First Draft 11.01.2017 Description, Fabric, FF, FE & Services updated
ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
1000 Floor finish Vinyl Standard slip resistant Seamless, coved
2000 Skirting Vinyl Prefinished Floor vinyl coved, 150mmH
5021 Ceiling Plasterboard Paint, washable Water resistant, flush set, suspended
8010 Door protection Composite Prefinished PVC Protection plate to 900 AFFL
8040 Door protection Composite Prefinished PVC To door frame
9004 Doors Solid Core/ Glass Paint Single leaf, observation panel 920mm clear opening
3022 Wall finish Resinate, 6mm Prefinished Splashback tiles or other smooth impervious finish also acceptable
6025 Cornice Aluminium Powdercoat shadow line
3000 Wall finish Paint Acrylic, washable
7035 Observation Alum/ Glass Powdercoat Internal window hatch into adjacent clean store room optional
ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
1030 Bench: resinate Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 with inset sink, to wrap around room, cupboards & drawers under
3060 Cupboard: drawer unit, special Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 under benches, wide narrow drawers for instruments
4410 Cupboard: under bench Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 under part bench, adjustable shelves
4460 Cupboard: wall mounted Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 over benches, adjustable shelves
6152 Dispenser: disposable glove Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 near entry
6154 Dispenser: paper/ hand towel Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 to basin
6156 Dispenser: soap Furniture/ Fitting 2 1 to basin
20000 Shelving unit: adjustable Furniture/ Fitting 1 1 over part of bench
24100 Waste bin: paper, 20 Litre Furniture/ Fitting 3 1 to basin
ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks
2800 Basin: handwash, Type B 1 1 ___ ___ yes ___ yes yes yes ___ taps: sensor outlet ; elbow action lever taps also acceptable
11400 Computer: PC & monitor 3 1 yes yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ as required for instrument tracking
47800 Sink, SS: single in bench 1 1 ___ ___ yes opt opt yes yes ___ hot water; taps: elbow lever gooseneck spout; sink mixer aslo acceptable
52210 Steriliser: benchtop, electric 3 2 yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ to suit service requirements
57600 Ultrasonic cleaner: mobile 3 1 yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ yes ___ on bench, to suit service requirements
60200 Washer disinfector: 1 door, multi-cart 1 1 yes opt yes yes ___ yes yes ___ under bench, for dental instruments; to suit service requirements
ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
4033 Floor waste Hydraulics 1
5000 Airconditioning HVAC
2189 General LED Lighting
2582 PO: Single Power 1 washer/ disinfector
2577 PO: Double Power 5 above bench
5019 Exhaust HVAC for sterilisers
6055 Special: task light, built in Lighting under O/H cupbboards
1006 Voice / Data outlet: double Communications 1 above bench
0 0