Loading Dock

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Room Code LODK-I
Net Room Area Briefed 30
Hours of Operation 24 Hours
Occupancy N/A
Description / Special Requirements The Loading Dock is a covered area for transport access to service Units for delivery or collection of goods and should be zoned into clean and dirty areas. The Loading Dock may be shared between Service Units including Supply, Linen Handling and Catering Unit. Security to all external entrances will be required. An intercom or door buzzer may be required to alert staff to a delivery or collection. Consideration should be given to the need for manual handling devices such as dock levellers.
Amendment 24.10.2010 First Draft 03.09.2023 RDS reviewed
ID Fabric Material Finish Specification Selection Remarks
1280 Floor finish Concrete Trowel Sealed
4035 Wall protection Steel angle Galvanised/ Powdercoat Corner guards to 1500 AFFL, as required
ID Description Category Group Qty Selection / Remarks
ID Description Grp Qty Ele Data CdW HtW WmW Tap Dns Gas Selection / Remarks
17200 Dock leveller 1 1 yes ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ optional
ID Description Service Category Qty Selection / Remarks
1035 Door buzzer Communications 1 optional
1040 Intercom Communications optional
4010 Cold water: outlet Hydraulics 1 required for cleaning
4033 Floor waste Hydraulics 1 external
6015 Security lighting Lighting
6072 Special: external Lighting
2587 PO: Special: for equipment Power 1 for dock leveller, if required
0 0